Cockring with Anal Ball
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Cockring with Anal Ball

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Copyright Night Noise Ltd Cockring with Anal Ball
Cockring with Anal Ball
Cockring with Anal Ball

Price:  £37.50

Ring Size:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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Product Description

WOW what a toy! This is a stainless steel cockring with an anal ball attached that keeps the cockring nice and firm in place.

The cockring is available in sizes 40, 45 and 50mm internal diameter and is supplied standard with a 30mm ball.

The ball screws onto the pole, and can be removed for easy cleaning and / or to exchange it for a larger ball (available seperately).

Try walking with this baby - it feels great! It tugs on your dick and probes into your ass each time you take a step - a fucking great feeling.

Size refers to the cock ring part and is:

40mm = 1.57 inches
45mm = 1.77 inches
50mm = 1.96 inches

Customer Reviews
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5 Star Rating Received my new toy this morning and couldn't wait to start having fun,this is a fantastic toy,iv not had a lot of experience with anal stimulation,i have the model with 30mm ball and 50m cock ring,fits my balls and cock perfectly but had a struggle inserting the ball into my arse but after playing for a while it just popped all the way inside me WOW! what a feeling every movment gives a different sensation and I cum within seconds but this toy kept my cock hard cum after cum,i would recommend to any one for solo fun
3 Star Rating I ordered a 1.68 and I should have ordered a 2.25 in inches from us citizens. I can hardly get it around my balls, much less my cock too. I guess I am bigger than I thought.....go bigger dude's....don't sell you selves too short.
5 Star Rating I have a few cockrings and this is BY FAR the best I own. I stayed with the standard 3cm ball, and for me it's great. Maybe in a few months, I might buy a larger one, but for the moment it's simply awesome! Thank you.
5 Star Rating I have just recently received my Anal lock cock ring, and am delighted with it. As I suspected, when I ordered the ball supplied with the anal lock proved to be too small. I changed it to the 50mm ball that i had ordered as well, and with a little persuation this slipped in, and leaves me with a feeling of much more security. It is fabulous to wer. You are concious of it all the time, as you walk, and sit down. For long term wearing it is so erotic. I would recommend this to anyone who is into Anal stimulation - it is awesome.
5 Star Rating get one of these,i have one and as the ad says as you walk WOW.made me cum the first time i used it.

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